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LeanLifteras Ring Protector Project

A couple years ago, I came up with a simple and effective wrap/cover for rings to protect against scratches. Basically, without protection, the ring is going to get ruined. But taking it off has a whole different set of problems (the hassle, the risk of losing it, PLUS your spouse is probably not the biggest fan of you being ring-less). Check out the post here for a refresher: ( The ring protector got lost in the shuffle of other ongoing projects, but I have recently gotten some help in getting it back on track. I plan on finally making a large scale order, but I want to get some user feedback beforehand. If any readers who have experienced similar difficulties with their rings could take a few minutes to answer some questions via the link below, it would be greatly appreciated. Stay tuned! Take Survey P.S.- Share with your friends!

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Ten Awesome Reasons To Do Complexes

Hereas a quick summary of the benefits of Lifting Complexes. If you missed part 1 or part 2, check them out.

Top ten reasons to do Complexes:

They burn a lot of calories
They are short

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Make Your Own Affordable Recovery Drink

I’m tired of paying so much for my recovery drinks. I train so much and consume so much that it gets really expensive. But modern recovery drinks really do have good science to back them up. The ratio of carbs to protein, the mix of carb types, the amino acid profile of the proteins, etc. have evidence of faster recovery. It’s not purely a gimmick. My two go-to have been Biotest Surge Recovery and Optimum Nutrition 2:1:1. They are solid products and taste great (especially the biotest). But they aren’t cheap and they also have other additives in them I want to avoid. So I set about to make my own. My rules: it had to have essentially the same profile as the mentioned alternatives it had to be powder (portable, can store for a long time, just add water) it had to be cheaper than the mentioned alternatives it had to have almost zero additives it had to not taste like an ash tray it had to mix well in just a normal shaker bottle Here’s what I came up with. Very simple. Mix two type of carbs:A 1 scoop maltodextrin and 1 scoop dextrose.A Add 1 scoop whey.A Ratio of twice the carbs to the protein. If you buy the right sizes, you can just dump the entire packages together to save time.A But you do need to mix it well in your tub and use a large storage bin. Simple right?A So what brands did I use? Specific Choices Two types of […]

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6 Tips to Do More Pull-ups & Chin-ups (part 2)

Last week, guest writer John Sifferman shared the first part of his advice on how to increase the number of pullups you can do.A A Have you started using his tips yet?A If not, click here for part one. A quick summary is: Tips for Beginners (0-5 Reps) In the beginning, the key to success is building skill-specific strength by practicing proper technique often. 1) Choose the right pull-up progression for your strength level. 2) Practice the hardest progression that you can do with excellent technique as often as possible. Tips for Intermediate Trainees (6-15 Reps) 3) Grease the groove for rapid, short-term results. 4) Focus on the following three types of workouts. a) Max-Effort Pull-up Workouts b) Pull-up Pyramid Workouts c) Pull-up Endurance Workouts Suggestion: do the three workouts listed above once per week for 4-6 weeks (i.e. a total of 3 pull-up workouts per week). But what if you can already do 10-15 reps and want to become a true pullup (or chinup) superstar?A John has some new tips just for you.A Here is Part 2: Enter John My Top 2 Tips for Advanced Trainees (16-20+ Reps) 5) Increase volume and intensity to improve your strength-endurance. If you’re in the 15-20+ reps range, you are well past earning any newbie gains and you’re probably nearing your maximum ability without using weights. Said another way, it will soon be difficult to add more reps to your max without increasing your max strength. And the best way to do that is with weighted pull-ups. However, after […]

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6 Tips to Do More Pull-ups & Chin-ups (part 1)

I get a ton of questions online as well as from my in-person trainees about chinups and pullups.A There are a lot of people out there still trying to get their first legit chin.A Maybe that’s you.A Maybe you aren’t comfortable admitting it.A It’s odd because some really strong men and women sometimes struggle with chinups and especially pullups. As a reminder, chinups are when your palms are facing you after grabbing the bar, while pullups are when your palms are facing away from you.A Pullups generally make less use of the biceps which is why they are usually harder. I’ve written about these before, and I created a system I use for in-person trainees to help them progress. I recently discovered John Sifferman’s work, and it turns out he’s got videos and a great ebook write-up that is similar to my system.A I can tell you this works.A You have to be dedicated, but it works.A I asked John to write an article for you and he ended up over-delivering!A It’s so packed that I’ve split it up into two parts.A Here is part one. Enter John Pull-ups and chin-ups are some of the best exercises for the upper body, but many people struggle to get better at them. So, in this quick guide, I’ll give you some of my best tips for getting your first proper pull-up, building your rep numbers fast, and breaking through a plateau to reach 20-30 pull-ups and beyond (if you dare!). My Top 2 Tips for Beginners (0-5 […]

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Complexes for Fat Loss, Strength Retention, and Heart Health

In business, you need to run away from aget rich quicka schemes. Similarly, nearly all the promises in the fitness world fall short. Some are useless. Some are damaging. Many work, but they take WAY longer than promised before you get results (at least for most people). You may have heard about acomplexesa a catchy name, but itas really not a particularly new concept. The principles are rooted in good old track-and-field training. Do a reasonable amount of work in short, intense bursts, using full-body movements that involve some amount of explosive force. And donat overtrain. Reps, implements, rest periods, etc. all can vary. But again, nothing new here. So why are they popular aagaina? Because they actually work pretty much as advertised. Wanna burn a ton of calories without losing strength? Complexes are the ticket. Wanna get in some excellent conditioning but hate acardioa? Complexes are the ticket. Wanna cycle in some lower-load, high explosive sessions on arecoverya days from heavy lifting? Complexes are the ticket. Wanna get in some great training and only have 20 minutes? Complexes are the ticket. Wanna try something that has a lot of hype around it, but actually does what it promises (for the most part)? Complexes are the ticket. [I promise to never say aare the ticketa ever again, never ever. Really.] What are Complexes? The basic idea (of which there are hundreds of variations) is that you take a single implement with a fixed load (a barbell, a kettlebell, etc., even your own body would count […]

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What Is Carb Loading and When Should I Carbo Load?

It was September 21, 2013.A I was about 6 hours into the Spartan World Championship Beast, in Killington VT. I was bonking. No, not the fun kind.A Here I mean bonking as in “hitting the wall”, an unfortunate experience many endurance athletes experience. What was going on?A I’d done this event twice before.A Each was a slightly different (easier) course and I had completed in about 5 hours. But here I was at hour 6, not nearing the finish line, and I had no energy, no focus, and felt like quitting. At first I thought this was due to a poor training plan.A After all, I hadn’t trained for a 7+ hour event. Months later I realized, after experimenting, that a big culprit was my pre-event nutrition and my intra-event nutrition.A In both cases, I had no plan.A I spent the months leading up to the event thinking only about training.A Not about how my nutrition before and during would matter. In retrospect, that was dumb.A I “knew” all about carb loading.A At least, I had read about it a ton.A And talked to marathoners who swore by it.A But I never thought I needed it. Fast forward to the September 20, 2014 Spartan World Championships.A I had successfully carb-loaded and had a great event.A Here’s what I learned… What Is Carb Loading? Let’s get some definitions out. Carb loading = carbo loading = carbohydrate loading = CHO loading = glycogen loading.A All these terms mean the same thing. Carb loading is the act of […]

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Technical Proficiency and Failure Training a How To Know When Itas Safe To Push To Failure

I just read a great article by Charles Staley that adds a whole new dimension to evaluating your experience level with lifting weights. A I’ve written in the past about how to rank yourself from Newbie to Pro but his take is refreshing and simple. The context here is about how close to failure you should go when weight lifting. A And tellingly, it depends on the lift in question. A If you are mechanically proficient at a lift, the closer you can get to muscular failure and still be safe. A If you are unstable as you fatigue or as you take on heavy loads, you really shouldn’t push to failure. A For isolation movements (single joint exercises), it’s pretty safe to push. A But I strongly recommend the vast majority of your routine revolve around the compound, multi-joint movements. Now, he mixes “fatigue” with “max weight” in his article, and he obviously knows better – those are two different phenomena.A The “way” you fail after doing 20 squats with a light load is different than how you fail going for a heavy triple.A That said, since most of the routines I recommend are in the 4 to 12 rep range, I think we can conflate the two issues just like he does. Proficiency Definitions From Charles Staley 1. Incompetent:A You don’t know how to, and/or aren’t able to perform the exercise properly. At this stage, you are just too new to the lift to load it properly and/or push yourself.A Practice with light loads is what you need to […]

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